Tour Dates & Prices

2021 Tour Dates

Mon 12th July - Thurs 29th July                          (3 places left)
Mon 16th August - Thurs 2nd September         (1 place left)
Mon 11th October - Thurs 28th October          (2 places left)


  • 17 nights accomodation fees
  • Welcome Dinner
  • "The Tip" Dinner
  • Farewell Dinner
  • Cave tour
  • Observatory tour
  • Rock art tour
  • Sunset wildlife cruise
  • Bauxite mine tour
  • James Cook Museum tour
  • Jardine River ferry fees
  • Daintree River ferry fees
  • National Park permits
  • Experienced tour leader
  • Support vehicle equipped with first aid, satellite phone and a comprehensive tool kit


Price per vehicle 
Includes 2 people

Extra Adult


Per additional

Extra Child


Per Additional
child under 16 




Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be able to help!

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